You’ve agonized over every word in the copy, spent hours with your designer perfecting the layout, and tested multiple calls to action. You’re finally ready to release your incredible direct mail piece into the world, right?

Not so fast. Following strong data hygiene principles can be every bit as important to your mailing’s return on investment as having a strong message and an attractive mail piece. However, many marketers don’t fully understand how to optimize the list management process for their business.

We’ve created an eBook, How to Use Data Hygiene to Maximize your direct mail's ROIMaximize Your Direct Mail’s ROI, that explains in plain English the actions you should take to ensure that the addresses on your mailing list are deliverable and that your mailing is being sent to those most likely to respond to your mailings. These topics are covered in some detail:

  1. Is every address deliverable? Nothing is more wasteful than paying to mail something that is never going to arrive.
  2. Are there addresses you should exclude from the mailing? While there’s an exception to every rule, it is unlikely that your business would profit by mailing to residents of prisons or nursing homes, for example, or to a vacant lot.
  3. How to test your key data hygiene decisions: One of the most exciting things about direct mail is that you can use hard data to make important decisions rather than relying on guesswork. The eBook explains the data hygiene decisions you should periodically test, and exactly how to do so.
  4. Understanding your data hygiene reports: The reports you receive from your data processing team contain a wealth of interesting information. On the off chance that you find them a bit confusing, the eBook explains what questions each report is designed to answer and how to understand them.

If you are interested in maximizing the response rate and ROI of your direct mail campaigns, download our free, 25-page eBook by clicking the picture below:

maximize direct mail roi

Want more than a cookie cutter approach? MMI Direct dives deep into your data
to determine how best to optimize your list and maximize your direct mail ROI.