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So much more than just data files and computers.

We use the best software and computers each and every day, but they are merely the tools of our data processing professionals. The best data processing is more than simply importing and exporting files. The best data processing requires strategy and expertise.

As experienced data processors, we know what to look for, we ask the right questions about your campaign goals (even ones you didn’t know you needed to answer) and we interpret and help you implement what is gleaned from our extensive processes to continually improve your ROI. We consider ourselves a member of your team; committed to your success.

Our process (before, during and after the job is done) translates to your great results.

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Jeanna Erickson
Look who’s back! We’re happy to have this familiar face return to MMI Direct. Jeanna Erickson joins our team as a List Coordinator, and she’s so excited to be working with family again. By the way, did you know she’s a disabled Navy Veteran? When she’s not busy organizing lists for client mailings, she serves[...]
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acquisition data merge/purge
Find out how a direct mail acquisition data processing program can help you optimize your data merge/purge strategy and process, improve mail deliverability, reduce your production costs and postage rates, and more! Marvin Dawson is your instructor in this fun and informative course in the latest of PMG’s Incredibly Useful Training Series.