Eliminate waste, increase ROI

Data or list hygiene is the process of updating a mailing list to correct addresses and removing unwanted names, undeliverable addresses, or individuals who have chosen not to receive direct mail offers or who have unsubscribed from email lists. We consider it to be a critical component of your data management plan.

Proper hygiene increases deliverability of your mail and email. This translates into savings in postage, printing, paper and in the case of email campaigns, bounce backs. Good hygiene also helps identify and remove duplicate records.

There are several steps to comprehensive data hygiene:

Coding Accuracy Support System – CASS makes ZIP and ZIP+4 data as accurate as possible, along with adding precise delivery bar codes and mail carrier information to aid in delivery.

Locatable Address Conversion System – Known as LACS, this process involves updating any outdated rural address to city-style address formatting.

Do Not Call Compliance – We’ll scrub your list against the latest National Do Not Call file to ensure full compliance.

National Change Of Address – Commonly referred to as NCOA, we’ll make sure your lists are updated with any recent address changes on file with the United States Postal Service.

Proprietary Change of Address – PCOA is a complementary process to the NCOA. This process uses private services such as catalogs’ and magazines’ change of address files to keep up with the 40% of those who don’t notify the USPS of a change of address.

In addition, we use Industry Suppressions to help our clients avoid mailing to those who might be deemed as unprofitable prospects. These suppressions include:

• DMA Pander
• Prison
• Deceased

These tools, along with others, will lead you to decreased postage and printing expense, higher response rates and more success with your campaigns. When it comes to the question, “What is list hygiene?” MMI has the tools and know-how to keep your lists in optimal shape.