A good merge purge process means having a list poised to perform

It’s the combination of technology and expertise which maximizes what software can accomplish. On a personalized client-by-client, project-by-project basis, matching criteria is developed to yield the best possible results. This is where we earn our reputation as being data craftsmen; not just processors.

Selection & Segmentation – We are able to select and segment lists based upon any client requirement. Our attention to detail and strict quality control standards are what sets us apart in this important process.

Postal Discount Processing – Utilizing PAVE-certified software and decades of experience, we are consistently able to maximize postal discounts for our clients.

Customized Outputs – With our software, experience and skill, MMI Direct can customize our client’s data in nearly any format they desire.

Consultation – Getting reports is one thing, knowing how to read and use them is another. Your team will help you use the data we uncover to make constant tweaks to your mail or email program to increase its profitability.

A++ is the grade MMI Direct earns on every project. While I try to give them as much notice as possible to process our data, there’s always a project or two on a really tight deadline. They do whatever it takes to get the job done – and even with all my rush jobs, I’ve never had a bad merge. The service, turnaround and accuracy are always great. In addition, I love the online reports. The detail within them is far superior to any other provider out there; this helps me to make better decisions for our clients.

Jackie Smith, Masterworks