We’ll help you keep your lists clean and develop strategies to augment and purge your lists for increased ROI.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees…but not when MMI Direct gets a hold of your data files.

data processingGood data processing is so much more than removing duplicate names. Our team of professionals use proprietary data processing protocols which allow us to customize our process to your project’s unique needs; netting clean data ready to be matched with your mailing or email campaign.

Just some of the hidden gems we uncover:

•Reduced postal fees
• Reduced printing and production costs
• Targeting the best people to mail or email
• Avoiding duplicate mailings with our multi-layered process
• Avoiding the embarrassment of mailing to a deceased person
• Reduction in project management time – our turn-around times are one of the fastest in the industry
• Getting it right the first time

Working with MMI Direct is like having another team member on our projects. They understand how important deadlines are in our business and always help me meet them – even when lists are late. No matter how many projects are active or how they change, MMI is always on top of it, managing all the little details, which in this business is what it’s all about. The team is always going above and beyond what’s required, helping us to prevent problems and avoid delays. I could not imagine working with anyone else to get my data processed correctly and on time.

– Melissa Young, Agora Publishing – New Market Health

You’ll be assigned your very own Account Team to shepherd your lists through our proprietary process. Here’s what we do when we process your data:

  • List Conversion – One of the most important steps of any data process. Our attention to detail and strict quality control ensure error-free conversions every time.
  • Data Hygiene – MMI Direct’s list hygiene processes reduce undeliverable mail, improve merge purge accuracy, increase response rates, reduce postage costs and increase delivery speed of delivery. Here are just a few of the processes we use: NCOALINK, LACS, PCOA, DPV, DSF and Profanity file, among others.
  • Merge Purge – At MMI Direct, merge purge is a the result of our skilled craftsmen, not a commodity. Our technology and expertise maximizes what matching software can accomplish. On a personalized client-by-client, project-by-project basis, matching criteria is developed to yield the best possible results. This is where we earn our reputation as being a data craftsman.
  • Selection & Segmentation – We are able to select and segment lists based upon any client requirement. Our attention to detail and strict quality control standards are what sets up apart in this important process.
  • Postal Discount Processing – Utilizing PAVE-certified software and decades of experience, we are consistently able to maximize postal discounts for our clients.
  • Customized Outputs – With our software, experience and skill, MMI Direct can customize your data in nearly any format desired and then we’ll help you understand it at a deeper level so you can use this data to make your next campaign even more profitable.


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