Make an impact

Want to urge your donors to contact their members of Congress? Need to speak to an issue that only affects a specific district?Now you can.

A Congressional Append helps your cause by allowing you to target your donors by Congressional district and making it easy for them to contact their US Senators and Representatives.

We partner with the leading pioneer in political technology, servicing many of the largest grassroots organizations, PACs and political campaigns in the US and abroad. The nationwide dataset contains all of the nine-digit ZIP codes in the country along with tables containing their corresponding congressional district codes and related legislator information.

The legislator information includes:Congressional Data Append

• District number
• Senator and Representative names
• District and Capitol addresses
• Phone and fax numbers
• Email addresses
• Websites (where available)
• Committee and sub-committee assignments

Using this data, you can refer each member of your organization to his or her congressperson and senators or selectively mail to donors in a given district. You can personalize mail pieces asking your supporters to contact their specific representatives and make it easy for them by providing the appropriate phone numbers, mailing and email addresses.