Meet the MMI Direct Team

Backs into parking spaces but takes all data challenges head-on

Jeff Roberts


Our very own brilliant Tennessee mountain man.

Marvin Dawson

Vice President of Operations

Where to start – how about the Ambassador of all things MMI!

John Bell

Vice President of Sales

Our Merge Purge Team

Our main man in merge-purge and the onboarding wizard.

Ross Fate

Senior Team Leader

The glue that binds a lot of us together and keeps the trains running on time!

Maureen Bartlett

Merge Purge Team Leader

Data magic from the Sunshine state for 15 years!

Julie Benfield

Merge Purge Team

An Oregonian with 27 years of merge-purge and data hygiene experience, but still searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Karin Haag

Merge Purge Team

Never found a sport he didn’t like, nor a data challenge he couldn’t handle.

Louis Davis

Merge Purge Team

Three decades of data crunching, a pickleball instructor on the side, and never met a hike she couldn’t like.

Carole Dixon

Merge Purge Team

She may be a quiet one, but her data prowess sings out loud.

Linda Gottzandt

Merge Purge Team

Keen-eyed data analyst from sunny Florida with 20 years in the industry and a dog named Simba.

Carolyn Hoehn

Merge Purge Team

A native Californian and a Navy vet who says she is allergic to most fruits and vegetables (let’s ask her mom).

Jeanna Erickson

Merge Purge Team

Never met a data problem she couldn’t solve.

Tricia McLain

Merge Purge Team

A rising star with a BS in Information Sciences, a passion for data.

Stella Thomas

Merge Purge Team

Proud mom of an Eagle Scout and 20+ years of being prepared for every kind of data challenge.

Rachel Thompson

Merge Purge Team

Our List Fulfillment Team

The dean of List+Assist and a man who knows his music.

Charlie Rice

List Fulfillment Team

Lightning fast at list fulfillment and living the beach life year-round.

Christen Dashner

List Fulfillment Team

Updates, more updates and an awesome programmer too!

Leila Kuliev

List Fulfillment Team

Our Data Processing Team

Two decades of mail and data experience combined with a love of comic books and cooking and a stint in a rock band BITD.

Zakk Becker

Data Processing Team

A former sous chef, now just a “regular dude who does data” and 22 years in the direct marketing industry.

Chris Eckert

Data Processing Team

The nicest (and quietest) member of the DP team; her work speaks for itself.

Robin Parker

Data Processing Team

Data processor extraordinaire for decades; we won’t let her retire!

Ranjana Arora

Data Processing Team