Optimize your merge with analytics

Creating a successful acquisition program can be challenging. You choose the right lists, you have a compelling message and a proven package. But if you’re still not getting the results you want, you need to take the next step – optimize your merge!

New Donor Acquisition Models

Using vast transactional data and innovative analytic techniques, we can help you to affordably acquire new donors.

Merge Purge Optimization

Improve your acquisition ROI by omitting prospects who are not likely to respond to your acquisition campaign. Replace them with prospects who ARE likely to respond… you’ll acquire more new donors and enjoy incremental campaign revenue.

Ask Series Optimization

Typically, nonprofit mailers can’t customize the ask series for acquisition campaigns because they don’t have access to the prospects’ giving history. Ask Series Optimization identifies the optimal ask amount for each prospective donor. Ask Series Optimization can significantly increase your response rate because it allows you to ask prospective donors for an amount that is most appropriate for them.

There is no cost for us to build your custom new donor acquisition models…no cost for detailed reporting and consultation…and you pay only a low CPM for the output selected from the models. Can we help you use sophisticated predictive modeling to increase your ROI? It’s easy to get started – let us help!

Demographic Overlays for Analytics

Are your modeling efforts hindered by the high cost of demographic data? Through a partnership with a leading demographic data provider, we can now quickly and inexpensively overlay your files with age, income and presence of children. These three data elements that most often ‘pop’ in models are now available with a 24-hour turnaround and our low flat rate, regardless of file size, means tremendous savings!

Demographic ProfilesOn Demand Profile Reporting

Use our On Demand Profile report to get a demographic snapshot of your file and see how it compares to state or national averages. You can learn about education level, presence of children, home ownership, discretionary income, net worth, and more. All your data is presented in a very easy to understand graphic presentation. We can run an On Demand Profile report in as little as 24-hours and for about 85% OFF the cost of other profile reports!

Interested in using Overlays for Analytics or getting an On Demand Profile report of your data file? Give us a call at 410.561.1500 or drop us a line, we’d be happy to discuss these quick and very affordable ways to help you know more about your lists.