Got a question about data processing? Zakk Becker probably has the answer! Zakk has joined our MMI Direct family as the new Senior Account Manager Data Specialist and will be processing data for our clients and their mailings.

Zakk has lived in the data world for some time. He’s been in the mail industry for fifteen years and the printing industry for over twenty years. He spent the last ten of those as a director of data processing working with mail houses and print shops. He’s excited for the opportunity to do more in his new role and looking forward to taking on a new challenge here at MMI Direct. 

But he’s not just a man of ask strings, tracking codes and data hygiene. When he’s not up to his elbows in lists, he’s in the kitchen trying out new recipes that he found online.  There’s no dish he won’t try to recreate, and you’ll be happy to hear that 90% of them work out. 

A self-proclaimed coffee fiend and lover of all animals, Zakk was once a musician and a nightclub DJ.  It was while chasing his dreams of becoming a rock star that he discovered his love of cooking from working in various restaurants.

In addition to cooking and disc-jockeying, Zakk likes reading comic books, a habit he picked up as a way to kill time at the library while his wife tutored. Given the choice, he usually picks up Marvel from the shelf. Sounds like a super way to pass the time!

He and his wife, who teaches elementary school, also enjoy hosting their nieces and nephews over on the weekends and sending them home full of sugar. Ah, the simple things. 

We’re thrilled to welcome Zakk to the MMI Direct team. And if he ever needs any volunteers for those online recipes, we’ll happily sign up!