Today, we are delighted to announce the promotion of Ross Fate to the position of Senior Team Leader.

With over 21 years of dedicated service at MMI Direct, Ross has consistently demonstrated unwavering commitment and expertise in the field of merge-purge. As the go-to person for onboarding new clients, he has served as the face of the department, ensuring a seamless transition and building strong foundations for success. Ross’s efforts have not only helped us expand our client base but have also fostered enduring relationships with some of our longest-running clients.

With his promotion, Ross will now assume the leadership role, overseeing the entire merge-purge team. His experience, combined with his track record for delivering top-notch data processing solutions, makes him the perfect fit for this leadership position. Under Ross’s guidance, we anticipate continued strides toward greater efficiency, collaboration, and innovation within the merge-purge team.

His impact extends beyond the boundaries of our company. Ross has been actively involved with industry initiatives that have not only empowered professionals in the field but have also elevated the industry as a whole.

Congratulations, Ross, on a well-deserved promotion!