He’s planned for it and dreamed about it; the time has come for our friend and valued co-worker Bob Jones to retire.

Bob has been an account manager at MMI Direct for nearly 11 years. We love him, his clients love him and his bosses love him. He has been an important part of our Community Outreach program for years. He’s always been a team player on a mission to help others.MMI_Bob_Jones_M:P

In his late teens, Bob worked in construction. During this brief employment, he quickly determined that this was not the industry for him. His father was director of data processing at the Veterans Administration and he had always marveled at the manner in which the big machines worked (boy, technology has sure changed since then!). So, he worked that construction job just long enough to save money to go to computer school. No more muddy work boots for Bob!

In 1970, he officially took his first job in the data processing industry. He’s seen many things change – like the size of a computer going from taking up large rooms to a powerful computer sitting on your desk. Back in the mid to late ‘80s he worked with a young, whipper-snapper sales guy named Rick Powell at another firm…small world.

It’s no wonder he has a hobby that allows him to help others. On his days off, you’ll often find him answering a plea from an individual who seeks assistance from Shore Seekers, a metal detecting club where Bob is a member. He’s helped to recover lost family heirlooms and other precious items with his metal detector and big heart.

When we asked him what he was going to do on his first day not in the office, he replied, “It’s going to be a lazy day. I have absolutely no plans.” That sounds like a happy retirement to us! For now, Bob plans to stay in Maryland, but he and his cat Tiger will travel to southern locations exploring where they may want to move.

Bob, we’ve always admired your driven, helpful nature to troubleshoot problems and your dedication to both clients and our company. It’s a bittersweet time for all of us, but we wish you happy days ahead and a journey that unearths many hidden treasures!