A solid data hygiene program will enhance your campaign results in a variety of ways including:

Best Data Hygiene Protocol
  • Reduced postage rates
  • Faster delivery
  • Less undeliverable mail
  • Less waste
  • Save on printing & mailing costs
  • Increased response rates

With MMI Direct, you get 8 levels of meticulous data processing:

  1. CASS – Coding Accuracy Support System Certification improves address accuracy.
  2. NCOA – National Change of Address keeps your direct mail list up-to-date with the 14% of Americans who move each year.
  3. PCOA – Proprietary Change of Address finds people who move who don’t file a change of address notice with the USPS.
  4. Deceased Records Processing – Determine what makes sense for your organization and specific mailings.
  5. Prison Suppression – Unlikely to become donors or customers, these addresses are typically omitted from mailings.
  6. DMA Do Not Mail Preference (Pander) File – People who have directed the DMA to remove their names from direct mail lists should be omitted from acquisition mailings.
  7. Profanity Suppression – Screens out addresses containing inappropriate words or phrases.
  8. Donor File Dedupe – Identifies duplicate and potential duplicate records which can be consolidated or treated in the manner best determined by your organization.

Reach new levels of program performance with MMI’s thorough, highly customized data processing services. To explore how we can help make your campaigns even greater, please reach out.