Merge Purge Reports

You probably receive several reports from your merge purge service provider during the course of preparing a file for a new direct mail campaign.  Although they look confusing at first glance, these reports actually contain a lot of interesting information.  Read on for a short course in how to read them.

Merge Purge Summary Report:  This report analyzes the overlap of names between multiple lists, and probably looks something like this:

Summary Chart A

Summary Chart B Rev.

The columns refer to the following:

  • Merge Purge Input:  The number of names on the list after completion of the data hygiene process.
  • Multi-Drops:  The number of multi-buyer records that were dropped from this list because their duplicate was retained on another list.
  • Single Drops:  The number of records dropped because they appeared more than once on this list.
  • Suppression File Drops:  The number of records that were eliminated because they matched with an internal suppression file.
  • Single-Buyer Output:  The number of records on this list that appeared on only one list in this merge purge process.
  • Multi-Buyer Output:  Records that occurred on more than one list.
  • Merge Purge Output:  The total number of records remaining on this list after the merge purge processes that are ready to be mailed to.
  • Percent Kept:  The percentage of the merge purge input records that remain on the final list.


Multi-Buyer Summary:  This report shows the number of multi-buyers on each list and how many different lists they were found on.  For example, 813 of the records on List 1 were also on List 2 or List 3, and 238 of the records were on all three lists.

Multi-Buyers Rev

Match Analysis Matrix
:  This report is useful in identifying potential issues as it analyzes the degree of overlap between different lists.  For example, if there is an unusually high hit rate between two segments of the same list, it may indicate that the first segment wasn’t omitted from the second list when that list order was fulfilled.

Match Matrix

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