List fulfillment has never been easier

list fulfillment software

Designed for the list manager or owner by our very own data processing pros, ListAssist provides you with access to your lists right from your desktop, day or night. Our intuitive ListAssist will help you to quickly and easily meet your client’s needs.List-Assist-Image

• Complete and total control of counts and orders, 24/7
• Help your clients make the best decisions by running queries with endless select combinations
• Fill last minute orders and identify lists for mailers who may have lost names elsewhere
• Import state and SCF selects from your purchase order
• Use our list profiles to create data cards with ease
• Keep your data clean with CASS certified software
• Suppress prior orders to keep your client’s response and reputation strong
• Run counts over and over
• No charge for selects to help your clients build the most effective campaignsUse our list profiles to create data cards with ease
• Process and ship orders same-day to meet deadlines

ListAssist provides you with complete control over your list but behind it all are data professionals who are at-the-ready to help.

Prefer to have someone else run counts, process your orders and help with your list fulfillment needs? No problem.

We are more than happy to provide full-service help in running counts, exploring selects and their impact, as well as placing and shipping your orders. Either way ListAssist and MMI Direct will be your new BFF.

We invite you to Schedule a Demo today.

The responsive customer service we receive to any email or phone call is amazing. Combine that with how quickly and how well the List+Assist team does their job and hands-down it makes MMI Direct the best I’ve ever dealt with from any vendor relationship.

Ray Tognella

Ray Tognella

Rickard Squared