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So much more than just data files and computers.

We use the best software and computers each and every day, but they are merely the tools of our data processing professionals. The best data processing is more than simply importing and exporting files. The best data processing requires strategy and expertise.

As experienced data processors, we know what to look for, we ask the right questions about your campaign goals (even ones you didn’t know you needed to answer) and we interpret and help you implement what is gleaned from our extensive processes to continually improve your ROI. We consider ourselves a member of your team; committed to your success.

Our process (before, during and after the job is done) translates to your great results.

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As your database has grown over the years, names have undoubtedly been added in a variety of ways.  Perhaps one of your sales people picked up a business card at a convention or a memorial donation was made in honor of a friend.  Unfortunately, a lot of the people in your database will never make[...]
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If you’re new to the merge purge world, the process of “deduping” may seem a bit mysterious.  But once you understand a few basic principles, you can dedupe your lists with confidence. The first thing to know is that when you’re trying to determine whether two records are duplicates, you can choose between three sets[...]
Marketing segmentation, customers care, customer relationship management (CRM) and team building concepts.
If you’re like us, you’ve probably had the experience of wondering exactly what a flag in your database signifies.  Was “Xmas15” meant to indicate that this person should be sent the December 2015 mailing, that they made a donation in response to that mailing, or that they’ve promised to make another major donation at this[...]
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According to the Association of Fundraising Professional’s 2016 Fundraising Effectiveness Survey of 9,922 nonprofits, only 46% of donors who contributed to a nonprofit in 2014 made a repeat gift in 2015.  In other words, more than half of each organization’s donors from the previous year disappeared! Since a marketing rule of thumb is that it[...]
I am always impressed with the thorough questions they ask at the start of every project. They leave no stone unturned nor do they make any assumptions about the data or its use. Sometimes there are instances where ‘you don’t know, what you don’t know,’ and their insight and expertise has always helped me avoid problems.

Beth Randalow, Huntsinger & Jeffer